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Straight from the Source...

For your reference, EMR will post links to important FCC Orders, Public Notices, and other documents from various agencies relating to current Public Safety issues. These documents are the most reliable source of information relating to each matter. More topics will be added to this page in coming weeks.


700 MHz Broadband Spectrum

FirstNet Publications at NTIA (find meeting documents and presentations here)

Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2012 (Public Law 112-96) - February 22, 2012

FCC Report and Order to License 700 MHz Spectrum to FirstNet - September 7, 2012

FirstNet Bylaws - September 25, 2012

NPSTC's 700 MHz Public Safety Broadband Statement of Requirements for Consideration - December 7, 2012

FirstNet Resolution on BTOP Recipient Early Deployment Agencies - February 12, 2013


UHF T-Band Givebacks

Description of NPSTC's UHF T-Band Working Group

FCC Public Notice Suspending Certain UHF T-Band Applications - April 26, 2012

Order Waiving Narrowbanding Requirement for UHF T-Band - April 26, 2012

Public Notice Giving Clarification on UHF T-Band Freeze - June 7, 2012

Public Notice Requesting Comment on UHF T-Band Licensees - February 11, 2013


4.9 GHz Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM)

FCC Public Notice Regarding New 4.9 GHz Station Class - December 3, 2009

FCC Fourth Report and Order and Fifth Further NPRM on 4.9 GHz Band - June 13, 2012

FCC News Release Regarding Fourth Report and Order and Fifth Further NPRM on 4.9 GHz Band - June 13, 2012

City of Chicago Comments on 4.9 GHz NPRM - October 31, 2012

NPSTC Comments on 4.9 GHz NPRM - November 1, 2013


VHF, UHF, and UHF T-Band Narrowbanding

FCC Third Memorandum Opinion and Order, Third Further NPRM and Order Confirming Narrowbanding Mandate - December 23, 2004

NPSTC Narrowbanding Fact Sheet - December 23, 2004

FCC Public Notice Reminding VHF, and UHF T-Band Users of Narrowbanding Deadline - January 5, 2012

Public Notice Providing Supplemental Guidance for VHF and UHF Narrowbanding Waivers - February 12, 2012

FCC Order Waiving UHF T-Band Narrowbanding - April 25, 2012

FCC News Release for Launch of Narrowbanding Website - December 6, 2012