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Strategic Partners

EMR Consulting believes that it is not enough to offer our clients only those services which EMR can provide directly, but to also provide our clients a vetted network of quality professionals that will work with EMR to provide our clients the best services, on time, in a cost effective manner. By building these relationships in advance, we are able to direct our strategic partners to provide those services that clients require to meet their objectives. EMR Consulting will provide the coordination and assurances so that the entire project is handled harmoniously, avoiding the inefficiencies of unrelated service providers working at cross purposes.

EMR Consulting will work directly with your personnel to provide expertise and assurances of quality rf engineering, legal, accounting, licensing and more. We have painstakingly taken the time to assess the marketplace of service providers that can enhance and augment our clients’ efforts, and we are ready to use our coordinated deployment methods to assure efficient application of service provider resources. In this manner, we can oversee and consult across a broader base of services for our clients. Said simply, EMR Consulting has assembled an orchestra of talented service providers who EMR will conduct for you, in a manner that will help you reach your objectives.