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Sandra Black

Sandra Black

Founder, President and Majority Shareholder of EMR Consulting, Inc. FCC Consultant Frequency Engineer since 1991
Founder, President of Salyers Communications Consulting, Inc.

  • Clients throughout the United States in the Public Safety, Utility and Business/Industrial Sectors
  • Represented, pled, and won multiple cases for clients in front of the Federal Communications Commission
  • Statewide, countywide, multi-state, citywide wireless communication system channel planning/reuse design and FCC Licensing
  • One of the first in the nation FCC grants of license for a VHF Trunked Network
  • First in the nation FCC grant of licenses for a twenty-channel narrowband VHF Trunked Network
  • One of the first in the nation FCC grant of an Extension of Implementation and Construction (Slow Growth Waiver) for a VHF Narrowband and Wideband Conventional Network
  • One of the first in the Chicago area FCC grant of licenses of T-Band channels (television station) for use by Public Safety
  • Federal Aviation Administration consulting services
  • Advisor to the FCC for the development of the FCC Universal Licensing System
  • Advisor/Beta Test site for the development of the Slattery Software for filing licensing applications
  • Member of APCO
  • Fellow Member of the Radio Club of America