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Public Safety Resources

As a client of EMR Consultants, Public Safety agencies have access to not only the vast array of services provided, but also great insight into the industry. Our company has forged strong relationships with various entities in Public Safety and communications, giving us a wealth of resources and pertinent knowledge to pass on to our clients. Because our company's founder and president has served as an advisor to the FCC and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), is a fellow member of the Radio Club of America, and has been a trailblazer in the world of communications and licensing, our clients have an invaluable advantage with endless solutions within grasp. No contract is too challenging, and no challenge is too great for our network.

For the convenience of our clients, we provide connections to valuable associations and relevant information. Some of our affiliates and strategic partners can be found here, as well as links to government entities relevant to Public Safety communications. As concerned and involved participants in the communications industry, EMR keeps a finger on relevant industry news, and will provide regular updates on current events and new developments in our field. Highlights can be found in our home page, updates will be made regularly to our Public Safety Broadband page, and our blog, EMR Emissions, will frequently post information on Public Safety and current events. Visit our Public Safety articles page for the best articles on the Web about Public Safety communications. Also visit our links page to access various regulatory, legislative, and industry contacts.