It really is black and white; politics don't belong in Public Safety.™




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Our Purpose

EMR Consulting's has one priority: your agency's first responders.

Our company is built entirely around client services, and our principle purpose is to improve Public Safety and Homeland Security operations. We strongly believe that politics and personal gain have no place in the decision-making or operations of the Public Safety sector. We understand the great risk your agency's brave first responders take on the job, and our desire is to minimize that risk and provide excellent communications infrastructures for them. We utilize our expertise in engineering, licensing, and project management to solve our clients' communications concerns and advocate for their best interests.

EMR has been privileged to work with hundreds of clients in Public Safety, so we know that budgeting and efficiency are pertinent. Our consultants take pride in creating technologically current communications solutions that meet all regulatory standards, within our clients' funding means. Public Safety agencies today are faced with many challenges, including communications hurdles. EMR's purpose is to ensure these challenges are resolved and agencies' needs are met.

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