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History of EMR Consulting, Inc.

In 1991, Sandra Black began her career as an FCC consultant and frequency engineer. She quickly developed a passion for FCC licensing and communications infrastructures, and went on to start three successful companies. The culmination of her career, EMR Consulting, Inc., has evolved into a comprehensive communications solution for agencies in the Public Safety and Homeland Security field. Throughout its existence, EMR has advocated for clients before the FCC and won cases consistently.

EMR has present and former clients throughout the United States in the Public Safety, Utility and Business/Industrial Sectors. We have completed statewide, countywide, multi-state and citywide wireless communication system channel planning/reuse design and FCC Licensing. We are trailblazers in the industry, having the first completed FCC grant of an Extension of Implementation and Construction (Slow Growth Waiver) for a VHF Narrowband and Wideband Conventional Network, and one of the first in the nation to complete FCC licensing for a VHF Trunked Network. Our President and Founder served as an advisor to the FCC for the development of their Universal Licensing System.

Simply put, EMR Consulting is a full service telecommunications consulting firm that provides to our clients insight and input into FCC regulation, vendor relationships, drafting of agreements, formulation of RFPs, inter-departmental relationships, frequency selection and coordination, and more. With over 20 years of experience in FCC licensing, regulation, and telecommunications infrastructure development, EMR Consulting has assisted public safety entities, local governments, large industrial clients, and small operators with necessary guidance in meeting all of their telecommunications needs.

EMR was certified as a Woman/Minority Owned Business in the State of Indiana.


Through our relationships with our strategic partners, we are able to offer all consulting services required, from the most basic assistance to the formulation and implementation of complex strategies to achieve telecommunications goals. With a special emphasis on public safety systems that require immediate connectivity with first responders, EMR Consulting has gained the trust of many local and state governments to assist each with their unique needs and opportunities. Concurrently, we provide consulting services to large industrial clients, multi-jurisdictional projects, utilities, and a host of other systems and entities which require practical consulting to overcome licensing and regulatory hurdles.

The sea of bureaucracy and politics that comes with the territory of communications infrastructure is tumultuous, for even the most well-established agencies. Having EMR as an ally is one way to guarantee safe, efficient navigation of the challenges to come. Contact us today to find out how we can meet your agency's needs.