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EMR takes pride in offering a rich one-stop communications solution for Public Safety agencies, catering to all facets of need. Aside from the ability to navigate the FCC, we have valuable knowledge of critical infrastructure technology which allows a well-rounded approach to advising the best solution for your agency's requirements. We specialize in:

  • Conventional and Trunked Systems
  • Single-site Analog and Digital
  • Analog and Digital Simulcast Multicast
  • Analog and Digital Hybrid
  • Regional and Statewide Configurations
  • Microwave and Optical Networks
  • Broadband Data
  • Communications and Dispatch Centers
  • Next Generation 9-1-1 Systems
  • Zoning and Configuration Management
  • Frequency Optimization
  • Automated Weather Observing Systems (AWOS)
  • Comprehensive solutions including contour studies, retuning, and other field engineering